Education, Youth and Family

Education is one of the most important resources in Switzerland. It has a long-term impact on the ability of our country to face the future. The challenge here is to structure access to education from birth on more equitably for everyone and to ensure lifelong learning. On the one hand, successful education means acquiring the knowledge needed for an occupation. On the other hand, it means promoting the skills society needs to be prepared for the future. Particularly for children and young people, it is important to take surroundings into account as well. Family, care and leisure activities are important places for learning that, in view of the comprehensive education of the next generation, must be taken in account.

We support stakeholders in communities, in cantons and at the federal level in structuring offers for children, young people and families in line with their needs and at a higher level of quality. In doing so, we evaluate legislation, develop concepts, reflect on existing financing models, carry out efficiency analyses and provide advice in matters related to the organizational involvement of the relevant government agencies. Finally, we carry out studies, situation analyses and surveys.

Our thematic focal points range from early childhood development, support and education and aid for children in disadvantaged families through child and youth development to education system offerings at the secondary (occupational training), post-secondary (college and university) and post-graduate (further training) levels.