With the increase in life expectancy and population lifestyle changes, issues such chronic illnesses and long-term care as well as questions related to financing are becoming more important. In order to ensure the high quality of the Swiss healthcare system, even in the face of increasing cost pressure, effective preventive and health promotion measures must be implemented and the efficiency and transparency of health services increased. We help various stakeholders at the federal, cantonal and municipal levels to answer these questions.

In terms of health promotion and prevention, we support the responsible authorities in developing and implementing effective concepts and strategies. We research which programs and projects are effective among various age and population groups and provide the appropriate basis for decision-making. The key topics here are age, movement, nutrition, NCD, vaccines, physical health, sport, addiction and environmental health.

In terms of health services, we work on questions related to management and financing as well as the assessment of future developments. We prepare the necessary foundations and offer expert advice in planning and implementation. The key aspects of this are health professionals, human research, highly specialized medicine, health insurance legislation as well as old-age care and support.