Migration and Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunity is the basis of social cohesion. The gender, nationality, social background, age or ethnicity of a person should not interfere with his or her opportunities for participating in social, economic, cultural and political life. A large imbalance between this aspiration and reality sows the seeds of social tension. In particular, members of immigration populations face specific challenges.

How much and with which measures equal opportunity and integration should be promoted and the impact that these measures ultimately have is politically disputed. Our research findings allow us to help make this discussion more objective. At the same time, these findings provide the basis for the advice we offer stakeholders at the federal, cantonal and municipal levels regarding the strategic development and implementation of their projects.

The thematic range of our analyses, evaluations and consulting spans from the equal opportunity of women and men in education and employment through the social integration of various population groups through neighborhood development processes and specific support measures to the structure and effectiveness of processes and measures in the area of asylum.