Transportation and Spacial Development

The mobility requirements of our society impact transportation and thus infrastructure development. Decisions regarding development policy, in turn, impact the transportation system. In the transportation and spacial development department, we contribute from a social and policy perspective to the solution of challenges that result from the effects of these changes.

We take a comprehensive view of mobility. As one of the leading evaluation teams, we advise various stakeholders in the areas of passenger transportation, commercial transportation and public transportation. One area we focus on is reviewing the impact of transportation policy and planning measures. We research complex mobility behavior by applying the latest data collection methods, often on-site. We look at future prospects and develop innovative approaches for transportation policy.

As evaluation specialists, we support public agencies and organizations in the design and implementation of impact assessments in development-related areas, such as the evaluation of public spaces in urban agglomerations. We advise project organizers and look at the design and implementation of development-related policy. Interface has many years of experience as a partner on projects related to European territorial cooperation.